Digitalized workflow with

「AI-OCR (DX Suite) 」

– More efficient way of Data Input with Al and its Machine-learning –

Don’t keep your team waiting just because you’re out of the office!

You can access to approve or deny requests anywhere you have access to the internet.

SIAP provides the system for approvals which can be made from
any computer or mobile device.

Let’s get out of “Paper-based” culture!

Many manufactures and offices complaint about lots of paper used and no-space for large volume of documentations due to paper-based workflow.

We, SIAP started selling the solution to digitize-digitalize workflow in efficient way with DX Suite, AI-OCR, in Thailand.

How this works…

DX Suite smoothly digitizes forms, which were previously entered manually,leading to solutions for corporate issues.

Paper Forms

Conversion to
Image Data

Convert text to
digital data
with Al-OCR

Update with
RPA, etc.

Input into system
and integrate

Create a workflow in
fews step

Recommended for such organizations as the following:

To reduce time to input texts and figures on paper manually.

Ex. : Spending too much time and effort for checking and confirmation

To proceed workflow digitally without document includinh pre- & post flows

Ex. : Confirming per procedure and repeating same operations = wasting time

To improve manual entry mistakes/corrections

Ex. : Wasting expenses due to wrong orders by human errors

Who stops further works due to the delayed manual tasks

Ex. : Delayed manual inputting influences on the post-process = Just waiting and less productivity.

Who feels OCR is expensive and complicated

Ex. : The previous contents of price quotation and presentation was too much = cannot be handled

What is AI-OCR ?

AI technology has been added to the conventional OCR (technology that recognizes and reads the character part of image data and converts it to digital character data).

AI machine learning increases the literacy rate, making it possible to promote paperless further and to work efficiently.

There are many AI-OCR solutions in the market, SIAP selected selling “DX Suite”, AI-OCR of AI inside Inc. which has the No. I market-share* in Japan. (*Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co. Ltd., published March 2021 “Expand with AI OCR in the Era of the New Normal” OCR Solutions Market Trends 2021 Edition ”AI OCR Vendor Software License Sales/Shares 2021 Forecast (Cloud))

Why not wotking together with us on our proposal of “Business digitalization from what you can do”?

In addition to simply digitizing characters, we also propose digitization within the workflow, so please feel free to contact us at any time.