Business Consultant​


E Company is Thai local company who provides interior and exterior industrial electrical installation. Now, they have employees around 130 people.​

Challenge Issues 

Due to the fact that CI is not fixed, and that business creation depends on human networking too much, E Company wants to get more LEAD for new projects to promote its company existing.​

Extension of new foreign market; potential Japanese customer


Support Marketing Planning for online and offline, by planning and managing data from customer​.

Redesigning company profile and website to be more professional and easier to reach target and getting more LEAD for new projects to promote its company existing​.

Making and design company leaflet. ​

Redesigned Website for online marketing and making keyword strategy of SEO​.

To extend new Japanese customer, we proposed E Company ads in U-Machine (Japanese Magazine)​.


After 1-2 weeks of Ads in Japanese Magazine, they got approaching from three customers.​