What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is an IT tool for businesses that connects to your website to help you discover hidden leads and close sales faster.

What is BowNow?

No complicated settings

Efficient creation of new business opportunities

A zero configuration tool for clients. Easy-to-use without any complicated settings. “ABM template function” available. 
Creating a tool that can be used in Asian marketing, we focused on a simple design that could be used by both sales and marketing teams. Supporting “list approach work” that can be prioritized, enabling efficient business creation.


Below are the main features included in BowNow.



Track the progress of your sales in a centralized location.

BowNow is a unique marketing automation tool that is so easy to use that it can be operated fully by your sales team alone. 

Moreover, it includes a mini-SFA (sales force automation) feature, in which your whole team can track the progress of their sales in a centralized database. Record valuable information gathered about your leads, leave to-do’s for yourself to receive a notification when it’s time to make a follow-up action, and make customer data much more accessible.

Follow-Up Notifications
Unlimited Account Creation
Centralized Data Management

Gather data on the companies visiting your website.

BowNow can determine the company details of the users who visit your site if their IP address is public. Important details such as the company name, industry, number of employees, and contact info will be automatically inputted into BowNow. In other words, you can gain insights into the types of businesses that are researching your company.

You can also further analyze this data in BowNow by segmenting out your target audience.
Then you’ll be able to create a sales list from this group, track their behavior, and send them personalized marketing emails.

Retrieval Company Data Automatically
Advanced Search
Approach And Track Your Target Industries

Track the actions of individual users on your website.

Users who clear certain conditions can analyze who sees what page on an individual basis.
It is also possible to search in detail by actions such as browsing page log and clicking on email.

Marketers can of course send segment emails.
In addition, sales can be approached based on the information that users are interested in.

User Management
Advanced Search
Personal Log Analysis