Our journey started since January 2021, we are an Integrated Business Solution Consultant who creates ways to support and to lead your business success by implementing those solutions to get the best result. ​

Experiences in EU & ASEAN business, corporate management by our MD with our staffs who have fully experienced in Automotive industries and in Japanese business environment will serve enterprise software consultation, digital marketing & Sales promotional support, training and etc., in both Thailand and ASEAN countries.


We contribute to Japanese companies in both Thailand and ASEAN countries and to related local people and its society by using our experience, expertise and networks for sustainable future.​


To be the Solutions-Integrator

Making solutions integrated with our experience and wisdom of technology to fulfill all your business needs as best output.


The whole world experienced tough years when people had started to implement DX to change life-style and digitalization for task-improvement, and speed of DX was accelerated by the corona impact.​

​We are obliged to accept the situation and I feel all companies should process the business with the mind of coexistence and co-prosperity considering now and future.​

​We want to create optimal and best output that can serve Japanese companies and their environment by integrating varieties of solutions with added value in mature Thai market and other countries.

Mr. Toshihiko Atsumi
Managing Director

With each specialty of our partners we can extend our full-support services of possibility outcome and business efficiency.

We aim to support and offer best solution for all of platforms during digital transformation fully speed in Thailand and Asian Market, matching business to create newly path for future to our clients. With these partners ecosystem feature, we can extend our full-support services of possibility outcome and business efficiency.

1. What is S.I. Asia Pacific meaning?

For S.I. has 2 meaning.

2. What can we support for your business?​​

We provide 3 business cores​.

Enterprise Consultant

• Group software proposal JP/EN/TH languages

• Simple, flexible and less expensive​

• Visualized IT solutions for smooth operations​

• Organizational issues and subjects

• Marketing automation

Business Consultant

• e-Sales promotion, branding

​• Marketing research and its activities

• Plan strategic actions for CS improvement in after-sales by database analysis

• HRM / training for
your sustainable management

Trading Consultant

• Products and services bridged between Thailand and JAPAN/ASEAN/EU countries

• Consultation of new product introduction in Thai market

3. How is the service done and its fee?

We first “Hearing” and “Confirmation” about job scope. ​
Then the pricing will be proposed to you.

4. Which languages are available?

Japanese, English and Thai​.

5. Which industry SIAP can support?​​​​

Basically B2B, but B2C and D2C can be supported.

6. Where can you find us?​

We are pleased to meet you @ The Park East, please follow this map!​

76 The Park East, 2nd Floor,
Room No. 201, Soi Sukhumvit 101/2, Sukhumvit
Road, Bangna-Nua, Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand 10260​
Tel. 0-2120-6013 Ext. 201

or you can find us on our Facebook or LinkedIn in order to arrange meetings on such online conferences as ZOOM, TEAMS or Google Meet!